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Kate completed her Bachelors Degree in Interior Design in 2008 and has over a decade of experience managing projects all over the
world - from London to Sao Paulo, Bristol to Dubai. Practically minded, her primary goal is that the space works well for the end user. It should function, it should make one's life easier and it should be a delight to spend time in. 

Passionate about sustainability, Kate believes that we all have the opportunity to make more sustainable choices, and that ultimately these small changes can make a big difference. Think about your options. Be conscious. And sometimes, by bringing your soul into these seemingly insignificant aesthetic choices, we believe that the result can be more beautiful than you could ever have imagined. It creates a far deeper storey and connection to the space than would have otherwise been possible.

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Our Ethos

We believe two things:

1. Interior Design can be functional, practical, smart and also beautiful.

2. Interior Design can be sustainable, ethical, conscious and also beautiful. 

These ideas don't have to be in conflict with one another, they can be connected, they can be symbiotic.

Khaya Studio Ethos

Sustainable, circular & biophilic design


Our core design principals are in design that is sustainable, circular and biophilic. 

Sustainable design is a response to the crisis that we find our world facing. We can all make a difference and it starts with a conscious decision to make more informed choices. It's about designing for a world that will still exist in the future and minimising our impact on the generations who follow. 

Circular design revolves around the concept 'reuse, reduce, recycle'. It starts with reusing what already exists, making an effort to reduce one's consumption and then recycling what is expelled. This creates a closed circle which by definition is sustainable. 


Biophilic design is a response to human's inherent love and dependence on nature. We come from nature and we feel our best when we are surrounded by it. Biophilic design aims to nurture the soul by bringing natural light, plants, water and natural textures into our interiors and also mimics nature through pattern, colour and perspective. Numerous studies have shown that biophilic interior design improves productivity, healing and emotional health.



Interior Architecture

  • New Build:  working with architects to create beautiful spaces

  • Renovation: working directly with clients or working with architects to redesign interior spaces to meet the client's needs

  • Selection of materials and finishes, such as flooring, tiles, paint etc

  • Custom design kitchens and bathrooms including structural and cosmetic changes

  • Custom design of wardrobes and built-in joinery

Interior Decoration

  • Selection of furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories to suit scale and the aesthetic vision

  • Design of window treatments appropriate to interior and environmental factors

  • Design and management of bespoke upholstery and cushions

  • Curation, expansion and exhibition of artworks

  • Refreshing and rethinking period interiors

Styling and Staging

  • Preparing spaces for photoshoots such as homes for sale by estate agents

  • Refreshing interior spaces using what already exists with a few added extras

Khaya Studio Project Management

Our Process


Design > Development > Project Management


1. During the design phase of the project, the goal is to form an understanding of the user requirements and aesthetic vision of the client. We achieve this through mood boarding and concept design. 

2. In developing the vision, we create to-scale fully dimensioned detail drawings of the space. We can also provide lighting layouts and a schedule of finishes, along with a specification document.

3. If you would like us to be involved in the installation of the design we would be more than happy to undertake this on your behalf. We would meet with on-site installers and co-ordinate site deliveries.

Architects Planning
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