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Jaeger Store, Marylebone

Opening it's doors in November 2016, the Marylebone store received much fanfare and complimentary press. A new direction for the brand, the store was sophisticated and urban. 

Powder coated metal fixtures sat alongside a combination of oak, grey and white-washed shelves and tables. Recessed walls received a treatment of concrete wallpaper and the floors - a hardy oak laminate.

Tom Dixon feature lighting brought the space to life and plush rugs and upholstered furniture softened the space. Carefully curated objects and commissioned artwork gave the space a sense of style and culture.

A selection of plants - Phlebodium, maidenhair fern and Oncidium Orchids - further enhanced the space while a large skylight brought natural daylight flooding in, making the space infinitely more inviting.

Footware Boutique, Bath


Originating in Sweden, it was essential that the store stay true to the brand's roots and reflect it's Nordic heritage. The design needed to balance a clean, minimal aesthetic whilst also remaining warm and enticing. A combination of modular wall-mounted and flexible free-standing units maximised the display possibilities, keeping the space fluid and ever changing. Clear way-finding and signage guide the customer to their uniquely perfect fit. Most important, was that the store be easy to navigate, informative and a pleasure to shop in.

Levi Showroom, Shoreditch

The client had a clear idea of the intended aesthetic of their fixtures but needed help unifying the space as a whole. The concept was to play with the tension between opposites - raw and refined,  edgy and sophisticated, black and white. 

Powder coated box-section railings were suspended from the ceiling, while clever detailing of the bespoke joinery revealed the profile of the black and white-washed plywood.

The central display incorporated upholstered seating to give the space a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Bespoke neon lighting and a back-lit lightbox bring an urban edginess. 

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