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Bakery, Bristol

The priority for this space was that it function well and work hard. Destined to be a busy environment - the design needed to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. 


With a restricted budget, the client was keen to maximise on product display and invested in the feature pieces of the store - a 4m counter and a 3m dividing structure. This cleverly designed divide still afforded customers a view to the activities of the working bakery to the rear. 

Concrete flooring was the perfect solution for this busy bakery and white tiled walls further strengthen the simplicity of the design.

Experiential Pop-up, Brazil


This experiential pop-up in a trendy neighbourhood of Sao Paulo brought much hype to the area and the launch of a new ice-cream concept - 'the granita'. The project's aim was to increase brand awareness and consumer engagement with their target audience. The space needed to be bright and vibrant and encourage the consumer to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. The canvas look and feel was natural wood flooring, white furniture and living green walls. Splashes of colour were then injected in the form of murals, fruity accessories and a ribbon wall installation. The bar front displayed fruit slices set in resin and backlit, while a feature wall conveyed an explosion of ice-cream sticks. Local graffiti artists and celebrities opened the space with a bang, and throughout it's duration, the pop-up was the buzz of the area!

Ice-cream Parlour, London

June 2014 saw the collaboration of a well-known premium ice-cream brand in arguably the most popular high street department store in London - the result was the talk of the town. A pop-up ice-cream shop where the customer could design their very own bejewelled creation had people queueing for hours. The concept and design of the space was a huge success. 

A large curved bar dominated the space, displaying the wide array of melted coverings and toppings. The MDF carcass, incorporating backlighting, was clad in plywood and sprayed white before we then applied a chocolate-coloured Corian top and visually seemless curved glass guard. A sculptural bulkhead over the facade was created using thousands of ice-cream sticks suspended from an acrylic light-box. A giant, uplit hollow 'M', filled with real cacao beans was another customer favourite. Plywood CNC'd into the shape of giant ice-cream sticks were carefully spaced to create tables and the logo routed into their tops. The exceptional finish of the space enhanced the brand's premium status and the popularity of the event resulted in an unanticipated extension of the pop-up.

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